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Request for Fire Incident Report - La Mesa

  1. Request for Fire Incident Report - City of La Mesa
    This form is to request Fire Incident Reports only. To request public records or other information, please call 619-667-1355.
  2. Payment Information
    The cost for Fire Incident Reports is 10 cents per page, which must be paid before the report is released. Page counts vary. You will be provided a price once we research your request. If you would like the report mailed to you, please send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with your request. Please mail to: City of La Mesa Fire Department, 8054 Allison Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91942, Attn: Report Request. Checks should be made payable to City of La Mesa.
  3. If unknown, provide date range
  4. Please be as specific as possible. If the incident did not occur in our jurisdiction we will do our best to refer you to the appropriate agency to process your request.
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  9. Other Information
    Reports may be redacted to exclude protected and/or confidential information. Please contact the office for information regarding subpoenas and other specialized requests. Please allow up to two weeks for your request to be processed.
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