Wildfire Preparedness

Wildfire Preparedness: Are You Ready?


We live in an area known as an Urban-Wildland Interface. Many of our neighborhoods run right up into brush covered hills. Should a wildfire come oour way, it won’t stop at your fence line. There are things you can do to protect yourself, your family and your home.   On the following pages you’ll find tips on how you can be better prepared for wildfire. 



Before a Wildfire

Make a Wildfire plan

Prepare Your Home

  • Create and maintain an area approximately 30’ away from your home that is free of anything that will burn, such as wood piles, dried leaves, newspapers, brush, and other landscaping that can burn. From 30 feet to 100 feet reduce or replace as much of the most flammable vegetation as possible and prune vegetation, create “fuel breaks,” such as driveways, gravel walkways, and lawns.
  • Regularly clean the roof and gutters.
  • Review your homeowner's insurance policy and also prepare/update a list of your home's contents.