Ways to Participate

CERT Members Involved in Sheltering DutiesSheltering (Required of All East County CERT Members)

Sheltering is not a primary task for CERT. But when all other options are stretched to their limit, CERT will step in to help get the job done. We will be providing a safe and welcoming place for all those affected by disaster. As a shelter worker you may be asked to perform duties in any one of three keys areas; registration, feeding or dormitory management.

Emergency Communications/Amateur Radio (Optional Training)

CERT Disaster Communications team member will, as needed, be tasked with providing effective communication in the event of a disaster as well as arranging radio support for drills, exercises or other CERT events.CERT member treating injured woman

Speakers Bureau (Optional Training, Supplemental to CERT Through the City Volunteer Program)

As a member of the Speakers Bureau you will be asked to deliver vital emergency preparedness messaging to groups and individuals in a wide variety of settings from more formal presentations to staffing an information booth at a community event.

Additional Programs

There are also several other CERT programs available in the county! Visit the CERT Council for a complete list of other CERT programs.