We are currently recruiting for the position of Paramedic/Firefighter. The recruitment ends on February 7, 2021, The opportunity is open to both entry level and lateral applicants.

City Websites

For job openings for other departments and positions, please check the following city websites at:

Unpaid and volunteer positions may be available. Check our Reserve Program and Unpaid Internship Program page for more information. 

Email Notification

Each of the three cities has a job notification service for those who register their emails. When Firefighter/Paramedic jobs open we will announce the openings on Facebook and/or this website.

Career Information

What does it take to become a firefighter? The Firefighter Medic is a step by step approach to creating qualified firefighters. This site was created by a firefighter in San Diego County to help others achieve their dream of becoming a firefighter. 

Here is a helpful guide created especially for potential firefighters: Joining the Fire Service: A Guide to a Successful Career.