Explorer Program

What is a Fire Explorer?

The Heartland Fire Explorer Program is sponsored through the Boy Scouts of America. This program is also known as Exploring, or Learning for Life. The program is open to all sexes and genders, ages 15-21. Our partnership with Exploring allows us to expose young adults to the basic fundamentals of the fire service profession. This partnership utilizes the Boy Scouts of America's policies and the partner agency's. Heartland Fire & Rescue has our own internal policies, procedures, rules, and regulations that provide and encourage safety at all times. Our goal is to provide a safe and positive learning environment that exposes all members to the basic fire service fundamentals. Ultimately, this will show members what a career in the fire service is like. This program also prepares individuals to become a Heartland Fire & Rescue Reserve Firefighter.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Heartland Fire & Rescue Explorer Post 2328 is to provide a safe and positive learning environment that exposes all members to the Fire Service fundamentals.

When do Fire Explorers Meet for Training?

The Heartland Fire Explorers meet twice a month for the first six months. Explorers are considered to be Probationary Explorers during this time period. They are given five classroom lectures followed by five hands on meetings. Each lecture has a quiz that is given the following month. Upon successful completion of each quiz and a final manipulative exam, the Fire Explorer is eligible to begin riding along on the fire engine. These ride-alongs are one of the best parts of the Fire Explorer Program, as they expose the Explorers to hands on experience in the fire service.

Fire Exploring Offers the Following:

• Improved self-confidence

• Leadership experience and social networking skills development

• Fun and exciting "hands-on" career experiences

• Community service opportunities

• College & career readiness preparation

• Scholarship opportunities

Community Involvement:

Fire Explorer Post 2328 is extremely active in the community. Our Explorers assist with Sidewalk CPR, Burn Institute Boot Drive, Heartland Fire & Rescue Open House Events, pancake breakfasts, America on Main Street, Lemon Grove Bonfire, and many other events within the community.

CFEA Academy:

Once a year we attend the California Fire Explorer Association Fire Academy. This week long academy is held at a different location across California. It is no secret that the California Fire Explorer Academy today, and throughout its history, has provided the most comprehensive, hands on, live fire training exercises for any Explorers in the world. These activities include: auto extrication, wildland fire fighting, flammable liquids fire fighting, structure firefighting, and technical rescue. This organization and its programs are created by the sponsoring fire agencies, Boy Scouts of America, Explorers, and the board of directors. 

Information and Applications:

This Explorer Program has been successful because of the countless hours, days, weeks, and months of dedication, sacrifice, and volunteerism contributed to this organization and our young people. If you would like more information about this great program, please contact us.

Dean Sergent
Heartland Fire & Rescue
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